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cover for The Catamount is Back: Banjo Dan's Songs of Vermont Vol. II

The Catamount is Back: Banjo Dan's Songs of Vermont Vol. II

Vermont Songbag (VSB 102) 1994


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with Banjo Dan, The Mid-nite Plowboys, The New Bremen Town Musicians, and other phenomenally talented Vermonters.

The Catamount is Back! And so's ol' Banjo Dan, with a new batch of original Vermont songs featuring some of the state's top musicians: Paul Bishop, Deanna Booth, Al Davis, Jon Drake, Chuck Eller, Berta Frank, Andy Greene, David Gusakov, Jaye Lindner, Shannon Lindner, Willy Lindner, Matt McGibney, Paul Miller, Kathleen Moore, Nancy Mosher, Peter Riley, Gordon Stone, and Pete Tourin.

1.The Catamount is Back!
Jon: bass, lead vocal; Dan; banjo and harmony vocals; Willy: mandolin; David: fiddle: Al: guitar
There's many an old abandoned railroad bed in Vermont, as elsewhere. They're great for conjuring up memories and lonesome feelings.
2.Striped Maple
David: fiddle and lead vocal; Dan: banjo and baritone; Jon: bass and tenor; Willy: mandolin; Al: guitar
A fine new song by David. The striped maple, a small tree common to our highlands, is often used for fiddle bows.
3.Poultney Slate
Dan: lead guitar, banjo, percussion and vocal; David: fiddle; Jon: bass; Willy: rhythm guitar
Slate from Rutland County was one of Vermont's most important products in the first half of this century.
4.The Snow Goose
Deanna: lead vocal; Jaye harmony; Dan: guitars; Bert: whistle; Matt: bass
My friend Serge Mosolov, from the great Russian bluegrass-country band Kukuruza, showed me this beautiful melody, describing it as a song without words. My lyrics were inspired by the flocks of snow geese migrating through Vermont each fall.
5.The Old Cellar Hole
Andy: guitar and lead vocal; Pete R: bass and tenor; Dan: banjo and baritone; Willy: mandolin
Many years ago I was walking with my family down a "thrown-up" road in Marshfield. We were exploring an old cellar hole, wondering about who might have lived there, and looked up just in time to see a bobcat bounding across the snow...
6.The Ballad of Hawk Leno
Paul M: guitar and vocal; Pete R: bass; Dan: fingerpicked guitar; Chuck: piano
A true story about a real Vermont hero.
7.Where the Rivers Flow North
Dan: guitar, banjo and lead vocal; Pete R: bass and harmonies; David: fiddle; Chuck piano
Based on the wonderful novelette of the same title by Howard Frank Mosher.
8.The Old Arch Bridge
Al: guitar and lead vocal; Dan: banjo, second lead and harmonies; Jon: bass and tenor; Willy: mandolin and harmony; David: fiddle
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This is a true story.
9.The Legend of Dream Lake
Jaye: first voice; Dan: guitar, mandolin and second voice; Deanna: third voice; David: fourth voice, fiddle; Pete T: viola da gamba, bass; Chuck: synthesizer
There are several accounts of how picturesque Fairfield Pond came to be known as "Dream Lake," all of which involve foul play. Novelist J.C. Chaput, an ardent collector of local lore, was kind enough to share this, the most compelling version of the legend.
10.Where the Wind Blows Free
Chorus: Jaye, Shannon, Deanna, Paul B, Nancy, Kathleen, Willy, Matt, David, Dan
The early American tradition of "shape-note" music is alive and well in Vermont. Listening to a couple hundred voices filling an old Vermont church with songs from The Sacred Harp is a stirring experience. I have tried to create a new song in the shape-note tradition.
11.Winterland Dream
Jon: bass and vocal; Dan: guitars; David; fiddle; Willy: mandolin
Recalling the wonders of Vermont winters past, when the snowy roads were rolled instead of plowed.
12.January Thaw
Dan: autoharp, lead guitar; Wily: mandolins, rhythm guitar; Matt: bass
A good old-fashioned Vermont winter is frequently interrupted by a respite of three or four beautiful warm days in January.
13.The Adventures of Jake and Mary Anne
Dan: guitar, banjo and lead vocal; Jon: bass and tenor; Willy: mandolin and baritone; David: fiddle
Where are the Vermont hippies of yesteryear?
14.Shores of Champlain
Pete R: bass and lead vocal; Paul M: baritone; Jaye: high harmony; Dan: guitars; Gordon: steel guitar; Chuck: piano
Written for Pete, who first showed me the black terns, and featuring my favorite trio.
15.The Catamount is Back
Al: narrative; Dan guitar, banjo, chorus vocals; Jon: bass, tenor; David: fiddle; Willy: mandolin
The catamount "officially" disappeared from Vermont when the last one was shot in Barnard in 1881-or did it?
16.The Loon's Necklace
Jaye: vocal; Matt: bass; Dan: guitar; Berta: flute; "Voices of the Loon" recorded by William Barklow
The elegant, mystical loon still inhabits a few of Vermont's lakes. Native Americans tell this story of how the loon got its distinctive black-and-white necklace.

All songs by Dan Lindner (Double Shovel - BMI) except Striped Maple, by David Gusakov. Music for The Snow Goose by Serge Mosolov. Recorded and mixed at Charles Eller Studios, Charlotte, Vermont, by Charles Eller, March - April, 1994. Conceived and produced by Dan Lindner. Cover photo by Susan Morse. ... This recording was made possible by grants from The Vermont Council on the Arts and The Vermont Community Foundation.